Planetary repair stratigies

Or  buy a 10 % share, Equaty funding for 100 million dollars

We are going to revolutionise the energy sector with our water desalination/carbon sequestration / ammonia fuel and ferliliser plants

Creating a multi trillion dollar global company

Global gorila s would like too invest in a number of areas

Theres no point tacking your hard earnt money too the grave

Now is the time too invest ,offset your exsistanse and drive the future

Research , development and implimentation of the following senariose


Research and development in the following feilds

Oxygen Power plants


Tesla,, Beardman, ebm machines ambient energy

wireless transmission of electricity

Oxygen power plants

magnetic engines






Geo thermal

Laser boron fusion

Recycling , waiste to fuels

Green steel

green cement

scs single step sqaured carbon removal technology ,sea water carbon sequestraction

bio sequestration , native forest  , paper forests , food crops and biofuel crops

Direct air carbon capture and storadge

Drinking water


Recycling waist and or plastic too fuel  2000 plants worldwide E fuels

diesel fuels  Jet fuels and boat fuels ethonol


Water desalination

2000 plants worldwide


water desalination plants

powered byoff shore wind


thoughout the planets most driest climates incorerating scs single step sqaured carbon removal technology

That is sequeatering the carbon directly from the sea water

then tacking that sea water and desalinating it and piping it to arid regions of a country too grow  native  forest creating, carbon biosesuestration crops and food sercurity crops and biofuel crops

and provide drinking water


Conbine that with direct air capture too harvest more carbon from the atmosphere

utilising the carbon for farming furtiliser ,cement ,e fuels. building materals and land reclamnation


to bio sequestration crops and food crops

divided into 200 km x 200 km plots

Then further divided into 10 km x 10 km sub plots

Piped water from coastal desalination plants  to deserts

to hydrat our crops

Creating more new lungs for the planet

This is how we sequester 80 million tn of carbon from the atmosphere annully

in australia only


Australian water network

14 desalination/carbon seuestration/ammonia fuels and fertilisers plants powered by off share wind

incorerating scs single step sqaured carbon removal technology

too irigate the inner and most  dryerest 50 % of the australian land mass

incorerating the old and new bradfeild shemes with a new scheme

for carbon bio sequestration , biofuel,and global food sercurity crops to feed the world

and drinking water

divide into 70. that 7 lines of ten 200 km x 200 km plots

Further divided into 10 km x 10 km sub plots

creating a another set of lungs for the planet



direct air  capture and storage technologys

1000 plants worldwide

carbon  Bio sequestration

carbon geo sequestration

carbon mineralisation


Alternative stratigys

changing the diet of cows with seaweed

Changing farming practices



Reducing the effects of climate change

Mr blue sky , Solar geoengineering , charge exsisting or placed partilces in atmosphere  with rf  too create sheild  too reduce the effects of climate change , that can be turned up or down as needed

Why we should do solar geo enginerring


Short term ajustment 10/50 years gains can be obtained via solar geo enngineering

utilising Iron salt and rf  for SAI, methane oxidisation, haaap type tecknoligys too charge iron salt particals too reflect ambient  radiation as required

afer a couple of years the Iron salt will return [fall] back to earths surface  to the oceans

and de acidify the sea,s

this will increase the carbon carring capacitys of the oceons

This is where i would start

1000 oxygen power plants worldwide

Ground breaking technologys

Watch here



Other climate restoration senariose

oceon Iron ore dust fertilisation

oceon CDR


World wide carbon tax

Paid to  administered and regulated by the united nations global carbon fund

20 % carbon tariff should apply too all green house gas emmiters

Eg 20 % on a barrel of oil

Eg 20 % on a tnn of coal

Eg 20 % on a kg of meat

Eg 20 % on,a tnn of cement produced ,

Eg 20 % on a tnn of Steel produced

Carbon tax world wide

Paid to a central carbon fund UNGCF

fund A 20 %of total sales of greenhouse gas  Emmiters

Creating a yearly fund of 2 trillion dollars

We really need this people, WE are not going to even get close to net zero without it

Divided in half, so you take that one trillion and divided into 200 countrys, 5 billion dollar per payments per year,per Countrys too the 200 countrys to mitigate climate change , And the other trillion will be divided as follows

20 % too protect the lands lock away old growth forests and jungles , woodlands.

20% to protecting and repairing the oceoans ,marine santuarys etc

20% too repairing and protecting the atmosphere

20 % too protecting the animals of the planet

10 % admin

10 % research and development and green infustructure loans

2 trillion per year

For 30 years Thats 60 trillion dollars too repair climate change

and create utility infulstruture for hundreds of years

carbon capture and storadge  facilitys  , organic carbon sinks

research and development into co2 reduchion technologys

Atmophereic reduction stratigys

Every one should pay and Every one should recieve, This is a global problem and requires a global solution , all working  together  as one

The money generated by this tax can be used too service loans for de salination plants  , direct air carbon capture plants creating carbon sinks around the would

I estermate this tax will generate 2  trillion dollars annually for 50  years and we  will need this  fund  to offset climate change

As well as the 2 Trillion raised annullly it will resualt in the setting of a new carbon price

between 40 and 50 dollars a ton .Closer to were it should be

Its not just climate change were fighting its population growth. with the planet exspected too

grow to 10 billion people by 2050 , we are going too need all the water and food crops we can muster, and those people are going too need oxegen to breath

After that some sort of population growth senarios will have too be planed with the planets

population exspected too double every 35 years

10 billlion people and 100 million climate  refugies all looking for somewhere to go by 2050


Plant 1 trillion trees over fifty years , Thats 100 million for each country, each year on the planet

To offset 1 trillion tns of co2

This senario will effectivly remove the equivelent of 40 billion ton of carbon from the atmosphere annully and generate the equivelent of 2 trillion dollars gross value annually

The global gorilla will grow over the years to a multi trillion dollar company ,worldwide Employing tens of thousands of people

So drive the future and offset your exsistance

And invest today people


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