The water gorilla

We need to build a worldwide network of water desalination/seqestration ammonia fuels and fertilisers plants, 2000 in all [and in addition to the 2000 DAC ,CCU plants] using single step carbon sequestration plants incorporating carbon capture and water desalination. The brime can be reprocessed to make acids and detergents and the calcite harnessed via the Carbon sequestration process can be used as a fertilize Calcite crystal’s properties make it one of the most widely used minerals. It is used as a building material, abrasive, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, pharmaceutical, and other applications. It has more applications than nearly any other mineral , and the discharge water if any and if required can be treated to enhance ocean alkalinity generating another income stream via carbon credits,. they can all be powered by of shore wind 100 , 15 MW wind turbines.

The excess water can be used to grow carbon offset and biofuel crops and food crops for the hungry people of the planet. I would suggest planting out 2000 , 100 x 100 km plots of land world wide partnered with the sea water desalination/sequestration plants , The 100x 100 km plots can be further divided into 10 x 10 sub plots 100 in all , then they can be planted out with 40% native forest perimeter ,[ 160 species for biodiversity] after all we want too plant a trillion trees over 50 years , that 100 million per country per year to offset 500 GT of carbon, 30% bio fuel BECC , CCU to hydrogen , and 30% food crops and all reticulated by desalination/sequestration plants, not to mention supplying valuable drinking water and food crops for the ever-increasing global population 10 billion by soles 2050.
This why we need a truly global carbon tax, for utility infrastructure.

One in each state of each country with ocean access on the planet 2000 in all that will go a long way to rectifying the carbon problem and sorting the water Crisis, and feeding the planet.

In addition we will require 2000 , 200 metric ton per day pyrolysis plants to process the 30 % of bio fuel crops BECC , CCU to hydrogen and ammonia in the 100 x 100 plots , being 2000 larger plots worldwide .,So not only are we feeding the planet were employing them as well , great for equality , Again all powered by the revolutionary oxygen electrical power plants.

And yes we will also require 2000 revolutionary oxygen electrical power plant world wide Worldwide there are over 2,400 coal-fired power stations, totaling over 2,000 gigawatts capacity. They generate about a third of the world’s electricity, but cause many illnesses and the most early deaths, mainly from air pollution.

This can all be funded via a global carbon tax UNGCF 2 trillion a year, that’s 100 trillion $ over fifty years , not much considering the gross domestic product of the planet is estimated at just over 100 trillion $ per year. Thats only 2 % of planetary GDP a year.

So it looks like we have a big job ahead of ourselves , but with structured plan and with a belief in our fellow human beings this will be achievable.
Lets do it
T J Harvey
The global gorilla

Administered by the united nations global carbon fund [UNGCF] , A tax of 20 % should apply to all greenhouse gas polluters ,Our current emissions are at 40 Gt per year , So if we put a price on carbon of say 50 $ per tn that would equate too 2 trillion $ per year ,So you take that 2 $ trillion dollars and divide 1 trillion of it amongst 200 countries @ 5 billion $ per country per year.

Then you take the other trillion $ and divide it as such ,20% on land carbon mitigation senariouse20% sea carbon mitigation scenarios, 20 % atmosphere carbon mitigation scenarios ,20 % low interest loans for poorer or third world countries to implement carbon climate mitigation scenarios and 20 % for old growth forest , woodlands and jungles acquisition and protection scenarios , This will take care of the 2 trillion $ UNGCF yearly allocation of funds , Money for everyone and money for the planet , All polluters pay , coal, oil , gas ,concrete , steel and meats etc.