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Terence Harvey, strategic planning in climate engineering for sustaiable development

Our savior Australia

one to Ten gorillas Being 10 gorilla companys Growing to 160 companys over twenty five years

A roadmap for the future

The Global gorilla Being the parent company This is a breif outline of buseness proposal for decarbonating australia and then the WORLD, Sustainible infulstructure development

With population exspected to reach 10 billion by 2050 we will nead to feed , fuel and hydrate 10 billion soles ,This is how we get there, and AUSTRALIA is the starting point

The Carbon gorilla

It starts in australia with 10 desalination carbon sequestration , mineralisation plants [DOC} 1MGT each ,Powered by off shore wind With plans to build 1000 wordwide , The sequesterd co2 in calcite form to be used by our farmers and sold into the domestic and international markets, 1 mgt per year x 10 plants and 30, 200 x 200 km [ 5 rows of 6 ,200 km x 200 km plots] organic carbon sinks on the inland of Australia, Divided into 10 x 10 km sub plots, 80 plots [60 varietys of native vegitation ] per 200km x 200 km plot , Planted on the inland of AUSTRALIA, harvested via BECCS after 50 years and turned into hydrogen then the native forestry is replanted ,and 60 plots bio fuel crops harvested yearly and then 60 plots food vegitation crops,harvested yearly generating figers for australia only = 50 MgT of co2 offset anually ,planting 30 million trees per year at an average of 1 tn co2 per each lifetime of the tree, we would also like to trial Enhanced rock weathering [Basalt], with carbon soil enrichment to sequester as much carbon as possible from the land and when you add the bio fuel and food crop carbon sequestration it will bring our total to=50 MGT yearly , sequesterd carbon credits The global gorilla plans to roll out this planting senario worldwide but only in 100 km x 100 km plots in 194 countries

The Plastic gorilla

It starts in Australia with 20 pyrolosis reators converting plastic PET waiste to diesel , SAF , boat and car fuel,100 MTPD each producing 160 thousand litres of fuel per day With plans to build 200 worldwide

The bio fuel gorilla

It starts in Australia with 30 , 1000 MTPD bio fuel reactors located on each of 30 organic carbon sinks plots 30 /200 x 200 plots, Generating 1.6 million litres of fuel per day,per each plot, thats 1200, 10 km x 10 km bio fuel sub plots,enough to fuel the world Piped underground to export facilitys , boat car ,diesel and saf fuels, with plans to build 200 worldwide

The Garden gorilla

Vegitation food crops as per carbon discription above 30 varietys of fruit and veg , Thats 1200 / 10 x 10 km vegi plots enough to feed the ever increasing global population to be sold on the domestic and international markets under the gorilla label .Rolled out world wide , Under licence

The Water gorilla

10 water Desalinated/sequestration plants from coastal regions to be piped to the interior of Austarlia via underground pipline and sold to and used bye the carbon sink , biofuel and food crop farmers and the domestic water market , with plans to build 1000 such plant worldwide under licence

The fertiliser gorilla

Partering our desalination / sequestration plant will be 10 coastal ammonum nitrate plants ,Producing 1mgt of ammonium nitrate per year each as well as 1 mGT of calcite per sequestration plant per year With product been sold domesticly to our carbon miners, bio fuel and food crop farmers and internationaly to overseas markets , With plans to build 1000 plants worldwide under licence

The energy gorilla

Partnering our 30, 1000 MTPD bio fuel reactors will be 30 diesel powered cat generaters,at each site largest capacity 40 foot models we can source , In addition we will also have 5 ,20 km x 20 km solar farms and 5, 20 km x 20 km wind farms all feeding back to our 10 coastal ammonium nitrate plants,Via ,underground cables

The rehabilitation gorilla

We are going to need many hands to plant 30 million trees anually , So what beter than to utelise the prison system , Suited to inmates with a 5 year or less term , we could offer a 20% reduction in there term for sighning with us , We would re train them in 20 subjet options,training universty diploma so creating a skilled workforce , 30 , 250 man and women camps with 200 inmates and 50 staff in each camp to facilitate the system ,200 , 6000 plant greenhouses in each of the 30 larger plots

The engineering Gorilla

Installing all pipelines , electrical cables Fuel pipeline and water pipeline and general engineering works planning and infulstructure

Each of the 9 subsidery company to pay the global gorilla 20 % of net income anually

Each 10 km x 10 km sub plot leases to pay annual leasing fee 10 % of net income to go to indigenouse land owners as per each country 10 % paid to the country of ocupency national tax deparment paid on net profit ,From each gorilla company, We would like to deploy in 195 countries , Globally it all starts in Australia with an university TEA and feasibility study into the sustainable planning and infrastructure senariouse The global gorilla plans to Fuel, feed and hydrate the world , While decarbonating the planet , By creating the new lungs of the world and the new food bowl of the world, It is not question of IF,But Its a matter of when, these changes are inevertible, Help us change the world ,Offset your existence and drive the future www.theglobalgorilla.com

The global gorilla plan to build the first of its plastic gorillas waste plastic [PET} to diesel fuel reactors in coolgardie in 2025 100 MTPD , 160 thousand litres of fuel daily This is our infulstructure starting point, This will generate profit to build the gorilla network.

The global gorilla plans to build first in Australia , making Australia a leader in sustaible infulstructure development and then export the systems , structures , and the carbon newtral fuels to the world.

The global gorilla is currently seeking equaty investors , offering a 10 % share in all 10 gorillas for 25 million USD dollars , We estimate this to be a 2 trillion dollar company ,in 25 years time , Incorperating 160 gorilla susideries companys each with 160 franchises.

National goverments will be asked to build 10 new export port shipping facilitys In AUSTRALIA, concentrating on bulk wheet , rice , sugar Handling facility containerised freight facility , bulk liquid fuels facility and ammonium nitrate fertiliser handling facility With worldwide Goverments asked to do the same But only to a lesser exstent , 1 port per water desalination /sequestration /ammonium nitrate fertiliser plant , Powered by off shore wind

The global gorilla is also looking for debt investors , Private investers from 100 thousand USD dollars minimum and corperate investment from 5 million USD dollars minimum Earing 15 % a year over 10 years paid yearly

Again this is only a breif outline of services and sustaible infulstructure, A full univercity TEA and planning for all senarios is needed , A 2 year , 3 million dollar research program will be required , with a 1 hour youtube video a nessesaty to procede


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